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It started in the third grade of elementary school, when we were familiar with the food pyramid. Yeah, that which teaches us that we need to eat more than bread and starch ... Physical education...

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It started in the third grade of elementary school, when we were familiar with the food pyramid. Yeah, that which teaches us that we need to eat more than bread and starch ... Physical education is, of course, was the least important subject. At 23 years and the first job in the sports center, I realized that not everything just like we were taught. I began to realize how my physical activity improves mood and how important it is that man several times a week takes time to yourself. Sport is an overnight become an important part of my everyday life. Besides all this, I felt that I should also change your diet. Under an expedited procedure I lost my full cheeks and a couple of kg, which was superfluous. Well now I'm obsessed and fluent, if two consecutive days I do not get your dose of sports and hopes'' push''.

Humans are designed for movement, jumping, dancing, spinning ... Every day you would have to take at least half an hour of walking, outdoor exercise or group športanje with friends. Then the food pyramid has been replaced by a plate of nutritional Michael Obama, wife of U.S. President, who teaches us that we can not consume proportionally the amount of protein, fruits, vegetables and cereals, but we won and conquered the rules of a healthy lifestyle. I'm not saying itself is like to sin with some good homemade ice cream or a piece of chocolate cake. :)

New healthy lifestyle gives you a lot of positive energy, easier to conquer stress and daily tasks suddenly all better and happier. From these changes in my lifestyle, a huge amount of incorrect information on nutrition on the internet and my passion for online marketing is the day came the idea of ​​the website and shop with healthy eating, healthy recipes and tips on healthy lifestyles. And yes, I do not believe in all those weight loss powders, pills and drinks ... For a healthy lifestyle is important a balanced diet, sports, period ... or. with an exclamation point! Since I am of the opinion that work better in a team I'm in this crazy idea that despite today's flood stores with food establishments shall be Malinco, convinced André. After a thorough brainstormingu'''' with a glass of excellent wine was created Tinca Malinca, which will become your ally for a healthy lifestyle.

In this huge store Tinca Malince is a lot of great products full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential ingredients that will help you maintain or restoring the health and well-being. We offer you many kinds of fresh ground flour, oils, seeds, hemp products, coconut and other so-called'' super'' food and of course the natural beauty of all beauties. In the store waiting for a lot of products of Slovenian origin and organic products with organic & eco certifications.

Tinca Malinco can ask anything and the best I'll help you find the right products and recipes for you. We hope that the local healthy treasury find as many things according to your taste, but if you miss something, please let us know. Do not forget to peek but also in Malincino store where they hide very specific products, as they are all made of delicious raspberries. Of course, in addition to a healthy diet you must not forget the movement that is in a healthy lifestyle is crucial. Oh, and let's not forget - we are big supporters of fruits, vegetables and other unprocessed, fresh food, which is due to the time limit and conditions of delivery, unfortunately you can not find in the store.

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